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Asphalt driveways repairs

Sometimes, asphalt driveways start to develop the cracks and can be damaged as time goes on. If you want your asphalt driveway to last for a long time, it won’t be a bad idea to have it cleaned, repaired, as well as sealed as a few years go by.

If you want to have your asphalt driveway repaired, it is important to do it in the warm weather because that is when the sealer and repair material can easily dry out quickly. Try to have every hole and crack filled to prevent the rainwater from seeping in the asphalt.

To have the asphalt repaired, as well as sealed, do the following:

Try and have the driveway edged before you rid it of dirt or grass. You should ensure that every dirt is removed.

It is vital that the driveway can drain well to prevent the rainwater from pooling on it. Once the draining is done, the asphalt driveway will last for a longer time. Something that makes asphalt driveway wear off quickly is when it can’t drain well. Let’s say rain falls, instead of it draining off the the driveway, it stays there, and wears it off, creating tiny potholes.

Have the surface cleaned, and what ever cracks seen should be wiped with the pressure washer. The cracks have to be wiped to ensure that they work well. Imagine trying to renovate a driveway that has dirt sitting inside the holes, whatever you try to do would definitely not work.

Make use of the stiff broom to rid the ground of debris or dirt. If you want it to work well, try and remove every dirt from the ground.

Then ensure that the surface is dried.Before you continue, that asphalt paving driveway must be dry to carry out the repairs.

Make use of the cold set asphalt repair patch to have holes and cracks filled. This can get a lot of work done.

You can have the tiny cracks filled using the asphalt crack repair material in even a bottle applicator.

Have the tiny coat of the paste patch material applied in the pitted surfaces. This will ensure that it will set well.

Have the oil spot primer applied to the oil stains on the ground to ensure that the sealers get adhered well.

Ensure that the patching material sets quickly.

After that, opt for drill attachment to easily ensure that the sealer gets stirred well.

Have the sealer applied on the driveway from the beginning to the end. When done, try and have it spread out using a squeegee.

When you are done, leave the sealer to dry for at least six hours. When done, apply the second coat. Ensure that the second round of coat is distributed evenly. This will ensure that it is durable.

Before you drive on the driveway, ensure that it dries for two days or so. Do not drive on the driveway, until it has set and dried out well. This is to ensure that it lasts for a long time.


One of the ways in which people attempt to bring life into their concrete at home is through staining concrete. This is especially true if your home or environment is guilty of having a dull surface.While the staining concrete process may take a little over 48 hours to complete, it is a process which is not overly expensive and which can be done correctly with a bit of guidance. If you are interested in staining concrete either by yourself or using specialized assistance, here are some things or steps which you would have to follow;


the first thing that you would have to get are the materials which are going to be needed for the job. There are a lot of materials which would be needed to make the goal of staining concrete possible. They include a concrete stripper, sealer, stain, gloves, scrub brush, mask, neutralizer, concrete cleaner, buckets preferably plastic, etching solution and so much more. Once you have been able to get the materials together and ready to go, you are ready for the next step.


due to the fact that stains which are made from acid are considered to be translucent, you might need to prepare the surface before staining concrete. Another reason why this is necessary is to make sure that the residue which may be on the surface would rear its ugly head when the staining concrete has been finished successfully. It is important to note that the surface reparation can be completed in two ways. This can be achieved through a mechanical grinding process or through the use of a cleaner which has been formulated especially for this purpose.

•   APPLICATION OF THE CONCRETE STAIN after the surface has been prepared properly, the next step would be to apply the concrete stain. If you wish to protect nearby areas which may be affected, you can choose to mask off those areas. You should try to dilute the paint next with water as this would make it lighter. You should brush the stain after you have first applied it. This is to allow it to settle down properly. You should then allow it to dry properly.


the next step would be the cleanup process. You can choose to rinse out the concrete with clean new water. Next, you can set out to neutralize the stain which you have created. This can be done using baking soda. However, it is important to note that it is only to be done when the paint is acidic in nature.


the last step would be to ensure that a protective coat should be placed on it to seal it and also to increase its durability. This would be the last step and once this is done the stained concrete is ready.

You can also get a professional to do the hard work for you but a little knowledge could come in handy at some point,