Sealcoating and Its Benefits


Sealcoating is also known as pavement sealing. It is usually a process of applying to the asphalt based pavement a better and protective coating. This is usually cone to protect the pavements from so many things such as water, oils and of course ultraviolet ray damages.

Benefits of Sealcoating

You might be wondering, what exactly are the benefits of using these seal coatings. Well they have a number of benefits which include:

• It extends the life of your asphalt based pavements.

• It can be used in the reduction of friction. It also helps in reducing the anti-skid properties which are all associated with naked aggregates on an asphalt floor.

Other things you need to know is, it is used in maintaining the binder as this is very essential when it comes in prolonging asphalt surfaces from unwanted deterioration. Why this is important is because when rain, sun rays and also chemicals tend to touch asphalts, they begin to degrade the binder and thus causes the general degradation process of the asphalt.

If a measure to stop this isn’t implemented, then it will most likely continue and therefore Create a brittle surface. This is why it is used in lots of drive-ins and parking lots as it gives them a longer lifespan.

Sealcoating tends to provide a protective layer, keeping the asphalt from all these unwanted damages and when applied properly according to the instructions and specifications, seal coating helps in providing a slip resistant surface which beautifies the environment such as the parking lot with its beautiful black finish.

These seal coats are usually bituminous based or even acrylics and they are a liquid formulation which is mixed with water, polymer additives, silica sand and of course, other primary fillers as well as solids. Sealcoats are usually produced by brushes, squeegee or sprays.

When a Sealcoat session is concerned, it tends to make the asphalt last more than double it’s required time and this can save you quite a lot of money down the line. This is because you do not have to spend a lot of money in getting yourself or new pavement.

When it comes to applying seal coating products, there are steps Which are necessary and you need to take note of in order to get the full benefit and get the most protection.

• When applying, Know a single coat isn’t enough and a minimum of 2 coats should be applied.
• The temperature should be nothing less than 50 degrees and should have a rising time of no more thanks. Avoid applying when the temperature tends to be lower than this 50 degrees.
• Do not apply if rain has been persistent within the past 24 hours.
• One of your application is over, then you have to allow it to cure for over 24 hours before any movement can be made on it.


In conclusion, if you seal coat every 2-3 years, it would most likely extend the life of your asphalt pavements without much hassle. You would not have to worry about oxidation, weather damage, etc and a bonus is, it makes the environment beautiful and attractive.